Thursday, 22 September 2016

Tips for Buying Your First Motorcycle Gear

Now that you have a cool motorcycle, it’s time to go buy gear. It’s important to keep in mind not to go on a spending spree and end up with bad-quality gear. Some gear you buy, like the helmet, could end up saving your life one day. Therefore, it’s important to be well educated before you buy bike gear for yourself (or a friend). Here are some tips that will come in handy when you go about buying motorcycle gear:

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The Helmet is the Most Important

Motorbike helmets are not only mandatory gear by law, they are also one of the most visible components of your ensemble as a biker. You need to aim to look cool as well as stay safe when you go about buying bike helmets. Do not judge the helmet by its cover. First you need to measure your head and know what kind of shape it is (yes, there are head shapes). Then you need to pick a helmet that matches those measurements very specifically. Only after that should you choose style.
You should try on the helmet before you buy it. The cheek pads that touch your face when you wear the helmet, and three should be gaps between your temples and the interior pads. The helmet should not be pushed back to your head. If the helmet comes with a face shield, it should not touch your nose chin.  Overall, the helmet should be comfortable to wear. If you are buying a helmet online (not recommended), the seller should have a return policy with refunds.


The next “cool” gear you need to buy would be a motorcycle jacket. For decades, the leather-jacket clad cyclist has attractions stares of admiration and envy. You may want to bike jacket for practical purposes as well, such as for protection against the wind or the cold. Nowadays, you can buy bike jackets made from an array of synthetic material.  Buy a jacket that fits your and meets your style preferences. However, make sure the jacket doesn’t get in the way of riding. The sleeves should be up to your wrist and not get caught between the handles, or worse, the brake. The hem of the jacket should ride too low to hinder your ability to ride comfortably. Always remember, safety is the most important when it comes to riding bikes.

Bike Pants

Most regular pants are not suitable for riding a bike, especially not as a heavy rider. The pants should comfortable ride up when you sit down and not hinder your ability to navigate the bike. The hem of the pants should never get caught in the foot pads of the bike. When you ride, your mind should be able to focus on the wrong. Bad or uncomfortable attire can compromise your focus, which can end in a fatal accident. Therefore, buy yourself several pairs of great riding pants.

Bluetooth Connectors

You are riding in the 21st century after all, so why not equip your helmet with a Bluetooth connector? It will connect you directly to your smartphone or music player to ride without disconnecting from the grid. The Bluetooth headset connects to your headset, therefore, mind the safety precautions when buying, as you would with a helmet.
So, are you ready to buy cool gear for your shiny new bike?


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