Friday, 23 September 2016

How to Personalize a Memorial Service

Celebrating the life of a deceased loved one is a culture that is ingrained across the world. Many cultures have the concept of memorial services after the death of a person. A memorial service is usually held to commemorate a person who is no longer living. Memorial services come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from somber, cheerful and to downright overboard. They have become somewhat of a fad in the past few decades. Regardless of how the memorial service is planned, one of the key elements of the memorial service should be the person who has died. He or she should be the center of the service and the service should be planned in such a way so as to commemorate their life. The way in which each person lived their lives is different. Same goes for their likes and dislikes. Therefore, it only makes sense that a memorial service too should be a highly personalized affair. Here are some tips to guide you through.

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A memory table/memory board

When a person has departed from among us, one of the best ways to bring his or her memory back is to go through pictures of items that were held dear to that person. This is why a memory table or a memory board will help you to align and display all these items. Having a memory table or a memory board is pretty simple. All you have to do is to set up a table or a board and invite all your guests to bring an item or a photograph that reminds them most of the deceased loved one. Putting up all these together can add a nice personal touch to the entire service. This would also be the first thing that would catch the eye of the guests once they come for the service. So get help of the funeral directors in planning this out.

Letters to the departed

Another way to personalize the memorial service is writing letters to the departed. This method is all the more effective if the death is sudden and unexpected. Writing helps people to express and deal with their grief. Therefore, writing a letter to the deceased and bring them to the memorial service would facilitate sharing of each other’s’ thoughts and eventually sharing of grief.

Pocket charms

Pocket charms is another way of keeping the memory of the deceased alive. Pocket charms are small items which can easily be put in a pocket or a wallet. These charms can be something that relates a lot to the deceased loved one. These can be distributed during the memorial service to all the guests. This way, every time a person comes across these pocket charms, the fond memories they had with the deceased will flock into their minds.

Serve the favorite food of the deceased

Last, but not the least, if you are serving food at the memorial service, serve the favourite food of the deceased. This way, the entire ceremony becomes all about the person who departed. This will also help to alleviate the grief of the friends and family. 


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