Monday, 5 September 2016

Benefits of polished concrete flooring to commercial buildings

The type of flooring in a commercial building is an important contributing factor to the overall experience the building promises to provide. Primarily because the flooring is the most used component of the interior and exterior of a building. The floor of your building experiences the most and all kinds of traffic wet and dry.
Epoxy flooring in Sydney is a common feature of most commercial buildings such as malls, chain stores sports centre. The reason for this popularity is that epoxy flooring requires little maintenance in terms of polishing and other such similar activities. This particular flooring also scores highest in terms of resilience and durability because very simply concrete is very hard to damage or break through. Another important advantage of polished concrete flooring in Sydney, to commercial buildings, is that it can be cleaned very easily and with very basic equipment such as a mop, bucket and a wet floor sign. However,  this very basic equipment cleans flooring in small patches and is not very durable because if someone steps on the wet floor with dirty shoes you are going to immediately get a dirty footprint on the patch of floor you just cleaned.

Additionally, if you are cleaning a very large facility there are automatic mopping cars that can be provided by cleaning companies you could consider acquiring one yourself for your building. These automatic mopping machines wet clean using cleaning products, and dry the floors simultaneously. Moreover, this definitely speeds up the cleaning process in malls and mega shopping facilities where cleaning has to be done at regular intervals to ensure customers have a good shopping experience in a location that is hygienic and has a pleasant ambience. Furthermore, if the epoxy flooring is in a colour  such as white, it can significantly reduce the quantity of and expenditure on lighting because it can reflect and add more light, adding brightness to the ambience of the place.

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