Monday, 29 August 2016

What to Gift a Mother-to-Be at Her Baby Shower

Do you have a friend or relative who is having a baby shower soon? If so, you must be wondering what you should get her. If you have not had children of your own, you may not know what might be required for taking care of a baby. Your head might be full of questions. Should you buy toys or clothes? If you buy the baby noesises, what if they do not fit? Should you buy gender-typical colours or go for gender-neutral colors even if you know the gender? If questions like these are currently plaguing you, then you need not worry any longer. This article has some handy suggestions of some of the most invaluable gifts any mother-to-be could get.

A Multi-Purpose Stroller

There are some innovative new designs out there for strollers that can meet all the needs of parent, like the Britax strollers. These kinds of strollers are excellent choices because they have easy brakes, can be re-positioned for baby to fall asleep easily, and have lots of padding to keep the child comfortable at all times. Strollers are a must-have item for new parents because they will have to keep taking their little one up and down wherever they go, and carrying the child everywhere is not a realistic alternative.


New babies need to be changed multiple times a day, so disposable diapers are a constant pressing need for new mums. In addition, baby wipes, special baby soaps, and talcum powder are absolutely necessary for bath time and changing times. If you want to take a bit of the burden off mum when the baby arrives, you can always give her a gift basket full of these items. Most people will be giving clothes and toys anyway, so there will be no shortage of those. Disposables, on the other hand, are indispensable.

Gift Certificates or Vouchers

Much like disposables, gift certificates and vouchers for baby stores may be far better options than toys and clothes. These are easy to purchase and will help you avoid the worry of buying something that does not fit or something that has already been bought. It will also ensure that the mother-to-be will be able to get exactly what she needs.

Baby Blankets

This is also a must-have for a new baby. A good way to give this gift more meaning is to have it personalized or to make it yourself. If, for example, your friend is a former dancer and is about to have a little girl, you can gift her a baby blanket with ballet slippers embroidered on top.

Something for Mummy

Of course, you do not have to stick to gifts solely for the baby’s use. Many mothers are inundated with more gifts than they need for their little one. What they rarely ever get, however, is beauty care products or spa treatment gift certificates. You would be doing Mummy a huge favour by gifting something just for her. After all, this is not just about the baby, but about motherhood as well. There are special spa treatments for pregnant mothers and special massages for those who have just given birth as well.
These are some of the best gifts you can give at a baby shower, but if you are still in doubt, just ask.


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