Monday, 29 August 2016

How to Save Money on Beauty Care

Buying cosmetics and toiletries for the home can be quite the expensive affair, and yet these are some of the things you cannot do without. If you are looking to save some money on your makeup, shampoos, and other beauty care items, this list of tips can help you.

Buy in Bulk

There are plenty of family-sized options for toiletries, so purchasing those huge bottles of shampoo and conditioner is a good way to save money. Buy the bigger sizes of the various products you use as these will save you money and last you some time. Purchase makeup in bulk as well. One important caveat, however, is that you have to check the price per unit before buying, as certain products can be more expensive in larger versions.

Buy from Discount Chemists

You can save hundreds of dollars every year if you buy from discount chemists. These stores sell a whole range of Dr LeWinns cosmetics products at heavy markdowns, so you can save money on your entire beauty regimen.

Try Before Buying

Do you ever find yourself throwing away or simply not using any of your makeup after buying them because they didn’t work for you after all? Avoid this waste of money by testing these products out when at the store.

Buy Only What You Need

There is another reason why many people end up spending far more than they should on cosmetics and toiletries. This is because they make purchases based on what they want, not what they need. Then they end up not using these extra items. Do you often buy makeup on a whim? If so, it is time to be a little more controlled in your shopping habits.

Check the Expiration Dates

Depending on how much of a particular product you use, you might want to consider expiration dates. If you find yourself throwing out mascara because you hardly use it before the expiration date, you end up wasting hundreds of dollars over the months. Avoid this by choosing products with earlier expiration dates if you use those products frequently. For those that you don’t use often, choose products with longer expiration periods or go for cheaper brands.

Clean Your Applicators

One of the wastes of heavy makeup users is when brushes and applicators need to be thrown out frequently. You can actually prolong the use of your makeup brushes, sponges, and other applicators by rinsing them out with soap and water every couple of months. This way you won’t have to keep replacing these often. Additionally, some applicators come with makeup and toiletry items. If you already have these, when you run out of supplies, buy replacements that don’t include the applicator. For example, you do not need to keep buying hair removal creams that include the applicator.

Consider Alternatives

Be a little flexible. When money is tight, you can use natural remedies every now and then. For example, an apple cider rinse for your hair can clear up dandruff quite well, so you won’t need to buy a special shampoo. Furthermore, you can save by going for cheaper alternatives. For instance, if you’re used to using shower gel, consider bar soaps that might be cheaper.
These tips should help you save significantly on all your beauty care needs each year. Try a few out and see.


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