Thursday, 18 August 2016

How to control childhood obesity with some lifestyle changes?”

With 1 out of every 5 children coming under the category of overweight kids, the problem has really taken a serious turn. Childhood obesity is going out of control and has created an alarming situation.

Isn’t it really scary? Most of the people consider obesity only an adult problem and ignore it when a child is overweight. But unfortunately, this problem doesn’t consider age, race or gender. Besides the overweight, the children can get trapped by various other diseases like type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol. So it is essential that you notice the problem at the right time and bring required changes in the lifestyle of your child to protect them from obesity as well as other complimentary diseases that come with it.

Before moving on to the changes you need to bring to combat the problem, let us first have a look at the major reasons behind it. These reasons include genetic, diet related and other medical factors causing obesity in kids.
·         Family genetics that causes obesity in the children also
·         Poor lifestyle of seniors at home
·         Excessive focus on fast food, which is the major cause of weight gain in the US
·         Inactive lifestyle that includes too much time in front of TV and video games
Childhood obesity is a serious problem that needs to be solved immediately. If you see that your child’s weight is increasing rapidly, you should see weight loss doctor in Monterey, CA to get tips on quick weight loss. Besides taking help of weight loss experts, there are various other things you can do to protect your child from this epidemic spreading rapidly in the US.
Ensure participation by all family members: If you ask your child to eat simple and tasteless food, but enjoy delicious food yourself, the child will feel bad. You need to encourage them and this is possible only when every family member supports them. You should teach them the benefits of healthy diet and its long lasting effects.
Serve healthy food: When your child understands the importance of healthy diet, he/she will not throw tantrums in eating it. The best technique is to serve healthy food to the whole family and enjoy it together.
Discuss the benefits: Make a game out of different food items, by educating everyone about it and then asking them what they learned from it. You can also discuss the nutrition facts of different food items over dinner.
Take a family walk: Distract your child from the TV and video games by taking them for the family walks. Forcing them to go alone might not help you for long, but if you accompany them in the walk, it will become a fun event, which they will enjoy. Further, it will also strengthen your family bond. Keep a weekly comparison sheet to see the improvement and motivate the child.
Discuss the benefits of active life: You can tell stories or present different facts to help your family understand the importance of active life. You can also update them about different other diseases that come with obesity like blood pressure, diabetes etc.
And last but not the least, be a good role model for your child. You can never expect your child to do something that you don’t practice yourself. The fight against the increased weight is not just your child’s fight but also a challenge for you. If you don’t see any improvement after lifestyle changes, visit California Weight Management Center, Monterey, CA to find out the real problem. 


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