Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Ayurveda – A Perfect Treatment for Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones also known as biological enzymes play a vital role in maintaining the proper functioning of the body. Produced by the endocrine glands, they are responsible for regulation of all body processes. It is important that a specific amount of hormone is maintained in the body and any fluctuations can lead to various disorders and diseases. Due to improper lifestyle, a large number of people are shifting to Ayurvedic treatment for the problems of hormonal imbalance.
Ayurveda and Hormonal Imbalance
Ayurvedic treatment has been used in India since the ancient times. In Ayurveda, hormones are considered to be the important component of Pitta as it carried in our blood stream. According to Ayurveda, our body is a combination of three things including Kapha, Vata and Pitta. It is essential that a proper balance is maintained between the three to avoid various diseases and disorders. The unhealthy and improper diet habit is the major factor responsible for the imbalance caused in the body. People should design a proper daily routine according to their lifestyles and body requirements to maintain the proper hormone balance in the body.
Ayurvedic Treatment for Hormonal Imbalance
Ayurvedic treatment is important for the hormone imbalance in the body. It uses all the herbal formulations to fight the effects of hormone imbalance in the body. Individuals can regularly consume papaya, pineapple which restores the balance of hormones in the body. Practice yoga and other meditation exercise to reduce the stress in life. Try to eliminate the amount of polyunsaturated fats in the diet including vegetable oil, peanut oil, and canola oil. You can consume coconut oil for a healthy life. Nowadays, a large number of people are using ayurvedic treatment for pimples as well.
Herbs are considered to be an effective ayurvedic treatment for the problems caused by the hormonal imbalance in the body. Unhealthy lifestyle and lack of physical exercises lead to a hormonal imbalance in the body resulting into reduced fertility among males and females. Some of the herbs used in the treatment of hormonal imbalance are mentioned below.
Since the ancient times, Maca has been used for treating the problem of hormonal imbalance in the body. Known for its excellent properties, it helps to stimulate the functions of the adrenal glands in order to maintain the hormonal balance in the body. Along with this, it also works on the pituitary glands by affecting the hypothalamus. This herb maintains the levels of estrogen and progesterone which enhances the fertility rate in both males and females. It is also an effective ingredient of the herbal remedies employed for hormonal imbalance. Available in various forms like powder, tonics and capsules it is considered to be a good ayurvedic treatment for acne.
Vitex is another effective herbal remedy for the treatment of hormonal imbalance. It acts on the pituitary glands maintaining the levels of estrogen and progesterone. It inhibits the follicle stimulating hormone which upgrades the production of corpus lutuem. It itself does not contain any hormones but enhances the functioning of the other glands to maintain the hormonal balance in the body. It can b consumed in the form of tea, capsules, powder or tincture. It provides immediate relief from this problem.

It is one of the most important ingredients used in the ayurvedic medicine to cure the hormonal imbalance and the diseases which may happen due to this. It is effective for both men and women which elevate the level of pregnancy. It cures the hormonal imbalance caused by anxiety, stress, and tension. The herb also strengthens the immune system of the body and can be consumed in the form of extracts, capsules, and tinctures.


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